15 down, only 85 more beers to go..

But I won’t be drinking them all!

A local sports bar here called the Winking Lizard, hosts a beer tour event every year. The have over 150 beers available in bottles at all time and they rotate out what they have on draft depending on the time of the year. Each month there are new drafts and fun beers to try. Check out the February drafts! For $10 you can sign up and join “the tour” and by the end of December, if you have completed 100 beers, you get to go to a uber fun, pretend-you-are-back-in-college beer tour party. It’s totally a gimic to get you to spend your money there, but Jamie and I  live within walking distance of one, and to be honest we go there pretty often to watch our Buffalo Sabres play (since we don’t get the MSG channel here in Ohio)!

This year we went with about 15 of our friends who also finished the tour. They rent out a whole mall (yes a mall) for the party. Every Winking Lizard in the county has their year end party there…and each tour person gets to bring at least 2 additional guests (not counting themselves). This means that there are a ton of people there. This year when Jamie signed up for the tour her was number 2233.. so I’d estimate about 3000 plus people at the event each year.

Here's myself and one of my friends out after this years tour finishers party...no that is not my hand...we have a friend who just loves to stick his hand in other people's photos!

Jamie and I in our classic pose.

They have a photo both there where you can take your picture for free..its hard to drink beer and have your picture taken 😛

Also, to be clear, you can help a person finish their tour. For example, Jamie is the one that registers for the tour and I help in drink the beers. Really, any beer that is on your tab, will count. Once you get to 100 you can either 1) get a jacket with the tour logo, or 2) donate money to charity. Jamie decides to donate to charity every year because he really doesn’t need a jacket, plus where could you actually wear that kind of jacket (it’s not like you’d want to show up at work with your jacket that says you finished 100 or more beers!)?

So last weekend we signed up for the tour and last night we decided to go to winking lizard to watch our Sabres game (they won 4-3 in a shoot out!!). Also, we did not drink 15 beers since last Friday..you can buy the beers at the Winking lizard and take them home. We’ve got about 6 bottles in our refrigerator now. All in all it’s a pretty fun thing to do (if you’re a beer lover). You learn a lot a different beers and definitely try some that you didn’t think you’d ever try.

I’m waiting for my second batch of English muffins to proof (I’m using a different recipe/method) and also am contemplating making some muffins. You’ll see the results later on this week since I”ll be busy getting a Insanity work out in (Max Interval Plyometrics) and getting ready to go to, of course, a Super bowl party. Enjoy the game day everyone! 🙂


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