Happy Valentines day dinner…

Our tradition!

Or as Jamie likes to say…Merry Steakentines Day!

We don’t really celebrate Valentines day at our house in the normal fashion. Jamie loves steak (its probably his favorite meal) so I splurge and get a nice dry aged steak to go with his favorite sides. I cook the sides and Jamie cooks the steaks. He follows the method posted here and it seriously yields the best steaks I’ve ever eaten. This website is full of great tips and scientific background on why you should do what he is suggesting.

When it’s winter time and too snowy to grill, we follow this method inside. We cook low in the oven on a cookie sheet, and then get a cast iron pan sizzling hot and sear. These steaks were huge, and I only ate about a third of mine! I’m not a big red meat person, but every once in a while it really hits the spot.

For dessert I made eclair cake (another one of Jamie’s favorites)

The recipe is here…and it’s so easy. I love no bake desserts and this is even a make-a-head dessert…it gets better the longer it sits. Instead of chocolate frosting, we use chocolate syrup. I didn’t have enough graham crackers to make the last top layer, so we left it open face with the pudding. It’s perfect for after a heavy meal…like our steak dinner! Hope you all had a delightful day spending time with you loved ones 🙂


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