When it rains, it pours

This made me laugh a little!


But in a good way!

 For that past 4 years Jamie has been at a job that he really dislikes. If it weren’t for a few key people, I think Jamie would have walked out the door a long time a go. He really deserves to be at a place that he likes going to everyday, especially since his current job is a 45 minute to an hour commute.

Our jobs are so radically different right now that I always feel bad talking about my day with him because I feel like I’m rubbing it in. I absolutely LOVE my job and the people I work with and I feel like everyday I’ve got a fun story to tell him. The company that he’s currently with has management ideas all backwards. Just this Friday Jamie came home and said that his boss was breaking up the two people he works with up because they are “working with each other too well”. Isn’t getting along with your co-workers a good thing??

Anyway, Jamie has been looking for a new job for quite sometime now and he finally got an offer from a company yesterday afternoon. A couple of his current co-workers might also be going to that company which would be fun for Jamie because he’d get to tag along with some of his friends. His current department within the company has seen 4 people put in their two-week notice in the past 3 weeks and soon there may be 3 more people out the door! (you think that would tell the management something)

Literally 5 minutes after he got offered that job, Key Bank called him in response to his application that he had put in about a month ago and wanted to interview him today. I just got off the phone with Jamie and it looks like he really liked the atmosphere and job position at Key as well! The only problem is that there are at least two more days of interviewing and then the panel has to make a decision on who they want to offer the position too. Jamie’s not sure if the other offer can stay on the table that long. Luckily, he really likes the first job (he wasn’t even expecting to be called in for an interview at Key) and either way he’d still have a new job.

It’s really hard to find a job that you love, and I feel really fortunate to have that. It makes the daily grind that much easier and enjoyable. I’m excited that soon Jamie will get that opportunity too! 🙂


One thought on “When it rains, it pours

  1. I can really relate to this. My boyfriend has a 1.5 hour commute on the train, while my job is only a mile from where we live. And I love my job, while he doesn’t like his job and work environment a lot. It’s really hard, but I know his is temporary because it’s an experience he needs to be able to move up. So I try to make up for it by doing all his errands for him and having a dinner ready every night and other things that he doesn’t have time to do because he’s commuting.
    Hope Jamie gets the job he wants!!

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