Two Workouts and Baked Chicken Nuggets

Yesterday I managed to squeeze two workouts into my day. I woke up at  4:30am (more like I had to force myself out of bed) and did the Insanity Plyometric circuit. Boy, do those workouts really get you sweating. I enjoy them though because they are challenging and fast paced so I don’t get bored. When I got home from work around 5pm Jamie and I did the P90x Shoulder, Arms, Triceps. This workout is our favorite one of all the P90x sets because once you know the movements you can pretty much do it on your own. We usually set up the laptop on a table with the workout running and watch one of our DVR-ed shows (since we just are recording so many of them!).

Needless to say, I ate (or feel like I ate) a TON of food yesterday. Working out really gets my appetite going and I have to be aware that I can consume more food but it’s best if the food I’m eating is (obviously) healthy. For dinner yesterday we had Baked Chicken Nuggets and they were seriously so crispy and delicious. This is one of Jamie’s favorite dishes. We paired it with oven baked acorn squash and asparagus! This made enough for Jamie and I and there is probably a serving left over for one of us tonight. Enjoy! 🙂

Oven baked chicken nuggets

1 to 1.5lbs boneless skinless chicken breast ( I used about 1.3lbs)

9×13 cookie sheet

3 dishes/plates with high edges

Bread Crumb Mixture:

1 cup whole wheat unseasoned bread crumbs

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon dried basil

Egg Mixture:

1 whole egg and 1 egg white

3 tablespoons milk

Flour Mixture:

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

pinch of pepper

Pre heat oven to 425 degrees. Mix the flour, salt and pepper in a plate or dish with high edges. In a separate dish combine the bread crumbs, salt, pepper, garlic powder and basil. In the last dish combine egg, egg white and milk and beat until combined.

Removed chicken from packaging and pat dry with a paper towel. This will help the flour stick to the chicken better.

I like to set up a little station here with something underneath the helps with less counter clean up in the end since it can get a little messy

Cut chicken in to nugget sized pieces. First roll in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs. I know your suppose to keep one had for the dry mixture and one hand for the wet, but honestly after the first couple pieces I just give up and end up with breadcrumb monster hands! haha

Place pieces on a greased cookie sheet. I brush my sheet lightly with canola oil  and dab the top of the pieces with the brush, since non stick spray doesn’t seem to do to well when cookie at a high temp.

Bake at 425 for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your nuggets. Be sure of flip them a couple of time so that each side gets nice and crispy!


8 thoughts on “Two Workouts and Baked Chicken Nuggets

  1. Now I’m craving chicken nuggets!! Love that you made them yourself! I’m ashamed to say I used the quorn ‘chicken’ nuggets in a pasta dish instead of chicken yesterday. It felt so English of me but they did the job! Haha! 🙂

  2. What week are you on p90x?
    I agree with you on the appetite comment and in particular when you have 2-a-days. I thought I was the only one!
    Today I woke up at 5am and did legs/back and kempo since tomorrow I have a 10k and won’t be able to get my workout in.

  3. Good for you! I don’t know how you survived TWO workouts – ugh and by Friday I’m exhausted.
    Thanks for the recipe! I was just wondering what to do with the chicken hanging out in my fridge… 🙂

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