Yoga X

Not much is going on over this way, so there’s nothing really new to report. Yesterday Jamie and I decided to do the P90x Yoga video. I seriously think that the video is waaaay to long and I usually only do the first 45 to 50 minutes of it because I just don’t have time to devote any more time than that to working out. One of the main reasons why I prefer the Insanity videos is because the videos are almost all around 40 minutes. I can get a great work out in a fairly short amount of time. Anyways, I woke up this morning and my legs felt like jello! They weren’t sore, more like fatigued. We have missed doing Yoga X for 2 weeks, and my legs sure could tell. Last night I noticed that we ran out of snack bars so I made another batch of the cranberry almond bars . These are great to all add these to our lunches this week.  


My mom is coming in to visit tomorrow night  and is staying until Monday morning so I am super excited for that! I haven’t seen her since Christmas when Jamie and drove up to Rochester to see her. It’s really not too far of a drive…pretty much just straight on 90.  Her favorite dessert is carrot cake and I am thinking about making a variation of these carrot cake muffins. The frosting is inside the muffins so it will make transporting them back to Rochester easy for her. 😀


6 thoughts on “Yoga X

  1. We gave up on Yoga X a long time ago! I can make for a 60 min (ish) workout but an hour and half!! And like 150 sun salutations to start with!! I got sick after 3 weeks of P90X so being upside down was a no go, that’s when we switched to doing the Stretch X. I LOVE it! I feel like I get a great stretch AND it’s an hour. PS those muffins look SO GOOD!

  2. I LOVE Yoga X…but I HATE that it’s soooooo longgggg. If I can get into the mindset, it’s great but if I don’t, it’s the longest hour and a half of my life! I’m surprised by how good of a workout it is, though. If you can find the time, it’s definitely worth it 🙂

  3. I’ve been waiting to try out Insanity for weeks now and it just hasn’t happened. Hopefully soon! I don’t have the DVDs so I have to wait until my friend is available. I too have been remiss with my yoga practice the last couple weeks. Hoping to take a class or two this weekend though!

    • If you search my blog I’ve got a post with a link to free insanity videos! There are what I use to work out 🙂 the link will take you to a blog called tanned and toned which has a ton of links to work out videos…..All the insanity videos are on there. If you click those links it will take you to the website with the videos…its a chinese site (kind of you tube like) but videos are in English and totally legit. I use it (almost) everyday 🙂

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