Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays

My mom and I watched Office Space last night…that movie is just so funny (maybe because it’s relatable?). Do you ever have a morning where you are just running behind and you can’t seem to catch up? Well, that was me! I woke up at my usual time and intended to do an early morning Insanity workout, but my legs were feeling tired from yesterday and decided to opt out. Even though I didn’t workout and therefore had extra time, I was running around all morning trying to make our breakfast and lunches. It certainly didn’t help that I was having one of those, “I have so many clothes, but can’t find anything to wear”, moments. I honestly have so many options but this morning none of them looked good to me. 😛 I didn’t have time to eat breakfast at home, so I made chocolate oatmeal and brought it in a container to eat at my desk this morning. Even though I might have a slight case of the Monday’s I feel good and I’m still optimistic my week will be a  good one!


Jamie has Hockey tomorrow night so he doesn’t want to do anything too intense. I think tonight’s workout will just be P90X Stretch which I am looking forward too. Even though I’d rather be sweating, I always underestimate the importance of stretching and that it really improves my overall fitness. Tomorrow I plan to get back into 2-a-days. I’m thinking Insanity Pure Cardio in the morning. I’ve got to stay late at work tomorrow because we have a foundation board meeting but I’m thinking about swinging by the gym tomorrow night for a run (depening on the weather). Happy Monday to everyone out there!


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