Sick of being sick


This comic pretty much describes how I felt this whole weekend. I had planned to hang with friends and do a bit of a bar crawl for St. Patrick’s day…however, my plan was quickly foiled when I realized that I was running a fever and couldn’t leave my kleenex box. To be fair, Jamie got sick on Thursday, so I was bound to get sick eventually.

At any rate, I spent yesterday in bed and basically just felt like poo. Feeling a little better today but I’ve got this killer cough now. So this being sick thing is really putting a damper on my workout routine as I’m not eating very much and pretty much feel like all I can lift is a pencil. Unfortunately, I’ve got something important to complete for work tomorrow…but depending on how I feel, I think I’m going to leave after I finish.

On my list of things to do this week is to get healthy, get my blog back up and looking pretty and get back in to my normal workout routine.

I hope you all had a terrific St. Patrick’s Day weekend!


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