Tuesday 2-a-days

Happy Tuesday! I didn’t feel like getting up early this morning so I “slept in” until 5:30am and then rolled my self out of bed. It totally felt like it was going to be one of those days, but I was determined to not let be! It might have helped that I started my day with my chocolate oatmeal. Seriously, starting a day with chocolate can really change your outlook. 😛

I stayed late at work tonight to make up for some lost time because I left early last night. When I got home I decided that all was not lost and that I could still do my 2-a-day as a had planned. I started off with Insanity Plyometric Interval Circuit. After that I switched on the NHL hockey game on NBC Sports to watch while I did the P90X shoulders, biceps, triceps.

I actually have no interest in watching the Lightning and Bruins game…but I wanted to catch the intermission highlights of the Sabres v. Caps game! haha. It’s the one down side of not living in NY anymore…more MSG to catch all my Sabres games.

Go Sabres! This logo is so much better than their old slug/cashew logo..

The workout plan for tomorrow is morning Yoga and them some sort of arm workout when Jamie gets home. We are going to a comedy show tomorrow night with a group of 6 friends so it’s likely we may eat a few things that are less than healthy…

At any rate I’ll be having this for dinner because I just happen to have all the ingredients. I love strawberries on my salads. However, I’ll be adding chicken to mine though. (I didn’t take this picture…it’s from good old Pinterest).

I’m always looking for new ways to switch up salads. Do you have any favorite salads? What kind of toppings do you like on yours?


8 thoughts on “Tuesday 2-a-days

    • Haha it absolutely did! It’s hard to make oatmeal in general look attractive…unless you pile on fruit or something 😛 Also, saw that your Canucks won the other night against LA! Sorry to hear about the Sedin 😦

      • and BOOM, buffalo won!
        Yah.. daniel.. my fav player too. We’re gonna really miss him if he’s out for more than a week or 2 >____<

  1. I don’t have any salad recommendations, but I do have a “dressing” recommendation! This company is at my Farmer’s Market every week. They make their own olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Their Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is like none I’ve ever tried before. It is a balance of sweet and sour and is thicker than normal vinegar. I’ve asked and they don’t add any sugar or other substances that are in normal balsamic vinegar so it is the same calories. I just put it plan on my salads, but I’ve also put it in a jar and added spices. No oil necessary! My second favorite is the Peach flavor. Same thing, I use mine plain on salads. And really all of the flavors are amazing. I highly recommend them!


  2. How is doing insanity & p90x at the same time? I think I’m going to order insanity soon. I love trying to get more creative with salads. My favorite dressing I’ve been making is a mix of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, stevia, & a little lemon juice!

    • I like both Insanity and P90X. P90X to me is more an overall body workout while insanity is more cardio focused..so I like mixing the two. I have a link to all the Insanity workouts streaming online on my blog. If you search it you should be able to find the post with the link! Then you can try it out with out buying it (I use the link almost every day! :P)

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