Strawberry shortcake yogurt…yes please!

My Monday started off a bit crazy. I was feeling super sleepy this morning so I decided to sleep in until 6am. My alarm goes off, I get up, check my email on my laptop and I glance at the clock the screen and it says its 7am!!! I was like what?!?! I slept until 7?? First thing running through my mind is “Oh great, I am going to be so late for work” (I usually leave the house at 7:20am). I run back to my phone and check the time…it read 6:10am. Turns out my laptop magically decided to jump ahead one hour (maybe it was it’s late April fools joke for me). At any rate, I wasn’t late for work and my Monday ended much better than it started.

Although I didn’t get the workouts I scheduled for this week, it’s only Monday and there’s always tomorrow. Jamie forgot that he had hockey tonight he didn’t want to do a workout before playing a game. After he left ,I was able to get my Ab and Insanity Pure Cardio videos in.

I ended my night with a yummy bowl of greek yogurt. The next few post here will be some of my favorite things that I like adding to my yogurt. I don’t really have “official” recipes for you…just more like guidelines and ideas to jazz up your everyday yogurt. Mostly, it really depends how much of each ingredient and how sweet you like your yogurt.

I’ve noticed that strawberries are getting better in the stores, so I picked a couple packages up yesterday. If you’re in the mood for a strawberry shortcake like yogurt than this one is for you!

Strawberry shortcake greek yogurt

(all ingredients are a rough estimate)

1 cup vanilla greek yogurt

4-6 strawberries cut in to bite sized pieces (depends on how strawberry like you are feeling that day!)

1 sheet/2 squares of graham cracker, crumbled for the top

I end up placing yogurt, strawberries and then graham crackers…but I keep thinking that this would be could in a parfait form!


7 thoughts on “Strawberry shortcake yogurt…yes please!

  1. Usually layer it up in a glass and use protein wafer crisps instead! Still same concept but Greek yogurt as a dessert is definitely good for everyone! I can’t find graham crackers in my country unfortunately… It’s always sold out or not selling at all! 😦

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