Talk about a real curve ball!

Yesterday afternoon Jamie and I found out that the guy that we are renting our house from is moving to Florida. Which means he wants to sell the house and in the mean time move back in in July! (So nice of him to give us time to decide what we want to do). We basically have three options, 1) buy the house we are living in now, 2) look for another rental, or 3) buy a different home. Unfortunately…none of these really fit in to our current life plans…so we feel a bit like we’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.


We had originally intended to stick around the Cleveland area for another couple years and then move to Buffalo to be closer to friends, Jamie’s cousins and our god daughter. We don’t want to buy the house we are in now because now that we’ve lived in it we know what needs to be fixed. We also know how much our land lord bought it for and we know is is going to ask above that price (which we are not willing to pay). I’m thinking that he feels that we’re just going to buy it because it’s such a hassle to move again. Well I’ve got news for him…I don’t think so Mr!

The other option is to rent again. Unfortunately, most of the rentals around here are multi family, and we’re not interested in sharing a home. We also have accumulated so much stuff, that we almost need a whole house because of all of our furniture.

The last option is to buy a new home. Honestly, we are leaning to this option…even though home buying wasn’t really on our radar. It really is a buyer market, and there are some good opportunities around here. If we do buy, at least we’d be putting the rent towards actually owning something, rather than basically throwing it away each month. If we do buy, we’re going to look for houses farther away from the colleges, where there are less rentals. The surrounding areas farther out is very likely to appreciate in value, while the area’s closer could really go either way.


At any rate, I might be posting a little less often around here, and not making as many fun things! Now that we’ve got a possible home purchase on the way I’ve got to pinch some pennies. I also need to research how the home buying process works…I don’t know much about it at all!

Even though this is a real surprise, sometime you just need a take a jump. Has life ever thrown you a twist??


7 thoughts on “Talk about a real curve ball!

  1. this weekend was a twist: canucks lost twice, my sunflower got mowed, all my classes that i signed up for haven’t panned out and i forgot my subway voucher ystd for lunch. okay, not the same thing but still 😉

  2. Ugh this is unfortunate! I am sure that you two will figure something out, but the process is never any fun! I’m sorry for the curve ball! Good luck! Bake some cookies, that always helps. =)

  3. Ah man!! The way you guys came up with ideal plans shows that you will work through it just fine!! And remember that excercise helps reduce STRESS 🙂 Plus a balanced diet!

    We are in some sorts of blunders too, trying to figure out where in MI to buy a house, etc. Here the market is a buyers market, BUT jobs arent idea. Hopefully you guys will find the right balance of all things. Have you thought about moving to Buffalo now?

    • Good luck to you in sorting out your life plans! We thought about moving to Buffalo, but since Jamie just got a new job that he really likes, we don’t want to leave right now. He went and met with a morgage person this afternoon and we’re pre-approved. We have an appointment on Saturday with a friend who is a realator so it looks like we are on the market for a real home!

      I just keep telling myself that it’s an investment..and that spending the inital money will pay returns in the end 😛

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