Looks like we are buying a house

Sorry for the lack up updates this week. With the announcement that we have to find a new place to live buy July 1st, I’ve been in a frantic scramble to get all the pieces together so Jamie and I are in the right place to buy a house.

We are pre approved for a morgage (yay) and Jamie’s Mom has a friend from high school who is a relator (she actually sold Jamie’s parent’s their home). So we are meeting with her this Saturday to look at our first round of homes. It’s really pretty crazy the amount some homes are selling for… definitely a buyers market. Although it’s scary, it is getting exciting looking for a place that can really be called “ours”.

I took Brittany’s advice and made cookies! Some almond butter chocolate chip cookies in fact.

It gave me a chance to relax and I got some delicious treats out of it 😛 I”ve been on track with my workout’s this week….which is helping me keep my stress at a manageable level  haha.

I have some serious catching up to do tonigh in terms of reading the blogs that I follow (eek). How has your week been?


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