And now we wait…

Sooo here is the home that Jamie and I are hoping to buy!

There it is! Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

We had the home inspection yesterday afternoon and all went well. The home was owned by a couple who raised their 3 kids there. They lived there for 40 years and now have moved in to a senior living residence. We actually know the seller’s daughter…her son played hockey with Jamie in high school! Anyway, the home is in good shape..just the normal home repairs/work that needs to be done (cut back tree and other greens, level landscape, re built front steps and side patio to prevent moisture in basement). The back yard is a double lot and it probably got to be too much for the original owners to take care of properly…which is why they are moving. Now Jamie and I have a bunch of things on our “to do” list and we don’t even officially own the home yet 😛

This weekend was full of fun with family and friends. Jamie’s uncle from Texas was in town so we spent some time with him. On Saturday we went to a Cinco de Mayo party at our friend’s house.

I was drinking a pomegranate margarita…there are some valuable nutrients in there..maybe..or maybe the tequilla cancelled them out 😛

Sunday, Jamie was feeling pretty rough. We played a lot of beer pong and since I was the designated driver, Jamie took one for the team (haha like he really cared) and started drinking my beers at the end of the night. The result was a pretty quiet morning on Sunday. I woke up at like 9am and decided to bake up some of these. I had some cranberry butter from Trader Joe’s in the refrigerator so I decided that would be my topping of choice.

Lots of dough! I made a double batch and stuck some in the freezer 🙂

What do you like to put on your english muffins or toast in the morning??


16 thoughts on “And now we wait…

  1. pretty pretty pretty

    … that goest for the awesome English Muffins AND for the House which I am crossing my fingers for (a house that has been loved/lived in for years is the best – you know things are in good shape overall that way)

  2. OH MY GOSH!! This house is ADORABLE!! Seriously. I am gushing..I want you to get this house sooo bad!! Then I will be inviting myself over for pomegranate margaritas.

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