Busy, busy, like a bumble bee

The weather these last few days has simply been beautiful here in Cleveland and I keep wishing that it could be sunny and 70 here every day! It couldn’t be at a more perfect time because the organization that I work for is throwing a 5-k race on Saturday morning and expecting 1,000 participants so I am uber excited that it is going to be nice for event day.


The picture above is from last year, and it was a ton of fun. The food after the run is almost legendary and I swear people just come to get a peanut butter and bannana breakfast burrito! So if you live in Cleveland (or the Northeast Ohio area) and are loking for a 5K to run this weekend  come to MetroHealth’s Hy-5 race at Hyland Software 🙂

Jamie’s Uncle, cousin, her husband and their daughter (our god-daughter) are all coming in on Saturday so I have been trying very hard not to go all out grocery shopping because I know that we will be eating out most of the time with the rest of the extended family. Plus, the end of May (and June) is crazy for us, between preparing to move, actually moving, Jamie’s hockey schedule and the 5+ events that I have to help out with for work, we are hardly ever home at the same time. What does this mean for us?? We are eating out more often! Last night we walked up to an old favorite, Brennan’s Colony.


Now, I know that it doesn’t look like much on the outside, but this place has been in the area for forever (Jamie’s parents use to go here all the time back in the day) and it has good food, good beer, and a great patio!


These next few weeks here are pretty much like 6 day work weeks so I’m getting ready to bear down for the long haul. I’ve been subsituting my workouts for the week with more running outside since the weather has been so outstanding. Yesterday, I was able to squeeze 5 miles in before watching the Stanley Cup Division Finals with Jamie.

My sweet tooth has been raging lately and I have feeling I will be baking up some goodies if I can find time this weekend. I also hope to get the grill out sometime soon and try out a new recipe :).  

Have you grilled outside this year? What is your favorite thing to grill? Do you have a favorite recipe that you recommend I try?



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