I ate too much!

Argh…I am so behind on this blog! I feel like I have never been so busy in my life…there are just so many things going on. I don’t have time to do a full update/recap but here’s a short version what has been going on.

1) Erin, Chris and Abby came to stay with us this past weekend again..it’s always great to see them. This picture isn’t from their last visit, but I think it is funny  because Erin and Chris described Abby as jumping on the car, making her “a hop on” (for all of you Arrested Development lovers out there, you will get the reference!).

2) I’ve decided to apply for a different position at my job…aka I am upgrading (hopefully)! I still have to go through the formal process of interviewing and all that jazz but at least if I don’t get it, I’ll still have the position I am in now. Both of my supervisors spend the last few weeks convincing me to apply, so I feel as though I have a pretty good chance 😛

3) I will freely admit, that I over ate this weekend. I seriously ignored all rules and went all out.  We went to a barbecue yesterday and it was so unbelievably hot that someone ran out and got a kiddie pool. Most of our friends were inside, but some of the heat lovers decided to set up shop by the pool. As Jamie said yesterday, “It looks a lot bigger in the picture on the box”. That’s most likely because it was made for 5 year olds and not 25 year olds. 😛

4)  I got asked out on a date while in the salad bar line at work. Oh yes, this is quite a story that I shall share with you all. I felt like a puppy in a corner. My creeper that I acquired a few months ago has reach a new high (or low?).

5) I am seriously bummed at how little time I have to make fun recipes any more! Between me working late, Jamie playing hockey, and all our guests we hardly have time to cook. I am so ready to get in the new house (we close in less than 2 weeks!) and to start whipping up so awesome eats again. However, I did make these again

….and I do have a yummy memorial day treat to share in my next post, so stay tuned 🙂

How was your memorial day? Is it hot where you are? Are you one of those people who loves the heart??


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