Strawberry Chia Seed Pie

After I saw Kathleen’s recent blog post about Chia Seed Strawberry Jam (which looked amazing…check it out!), I was thinking, I bet you could use the same method for a strawberry pie. Sure enough, (thanks to the power of Google) I was able to find a recipe! I don’t have much experience with Chia seeds, so I needed some guidance.

I used the recipe off of It’s a Flavourful Life’s blog. The only modifications that I used was that I added 1/ 4 cup of sugar to the strawberry puree. I also added s bit more water and rolled out the crust instead on patting in in the pie pan.

I was worried it would stick to the pan because it didn’t have any fat, so I sprayed the pie own before laying the rolled out crust in.

Oh, and I added a chocolate shell to the crust! I use this technique a lot so the crust doesn’t get soggy after sitting for a couple of days. Also, it happens to be amazing with pie crust 😀

I  forgot to blend the mixture of the chia seeds (I left them whole) but it still turned out great! Next time, I’ll be better at reading the instructions. I think I got too excited 😛

Did you making any fun foods this weekend??


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