Super eating weekend!

Why, hello there fellow bloggers 🙂 Again, I know I’ve been absent and pretty flighty lately, but some craziness has passed and I am in a bit of a lull before the next wave hits!

These last few days have been full of excitment…Jamie and I are officially homeowners 😀 We signed the papers last Wednesday and we picked up our key the next day. This pass weekend was full of packing and taking loads over.

I am pretty adamant about unpacking the boxes as soon as we get them over to the new place. We still have unopened boxes from our last move…which does make is easier to move them again since they are already all packaged up 😛

We did make time to go out to a special dinner at Bodega, which was fabulous! We had a deal for two drinks, two entrées or 4 tapas and 2 desserts. Jamie had the filet as his main course

My picture is kind of blurry, but I got the sweet chili braised short ribs which was absolutely out of this world. I totally forgot to take a picture of  the desserts (most likely because I was too excited). We decided on the Tirmasu and THE BEST Limoncello Mousse Cake. It has got to be my new favorite dessert. So yummy.

On Saturday we stopped over to Sweetie Fry. It’s a little shop near where we live that only serves fries and ice cream! They have gourmet ice cream like French Toast, New York Cheese Cake with Blueberry Compote and Goat Cheese with Honey Pecans. They also “entrée fries” including chili cheese, truffle Parmesan and Tabasco Gorgonzola and funnel cake fries.

Jamie opted for Mint Chocolate Chip with a “sweetie scoop” of Cookies and Cream, while I got Deep Chocolate with Raspberry Marmalade with a “sweetie scoop” of Vanilla. Oh so good!!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


10 thoughts on “Super eating weekend!

  1. The food looks so good! Especially the sweetie fry ice cream. I must admit though, if I went into a place called “sweetie fry” I would have to get an order of fries and ice cream. I went to the website, it all looks so good! I wish there was one in Cali!

    • Wave tried the funnel cake fries before and they are soooo good. They are smart there and have people walking around with samples of the fries while you wait sometimes and once you get a taste you can’t get enough! We were pretty stuffed though from our dinner of burgers and beers 😛

  2. i had the biggest fattest cheat weekend. fried chicken jalapeno poppers, fries, pizza, coke. zomg… i swear i gained 5 lbs the next day

  3. CONGRATULATIONS – I came over here hoping to see those keys 🙂 I also love tapas, so good and for foodies like us a great way to try a lot in a shorter period of time! I love my healthy ice cream of just blended bananas with some mini chocolate chips. I love homemade ice cream and love sampling different flavors, that place sounds yummy and dangerous. Congrats & happy un-boxing

    • Thanks!! I usually go for the healthy stuff too..but our normal fro-yo place was closed by the time we were heading home (around 11pm) and Sweetie Fry is open until 1am on Saturdays! I’ve never made homemade ice cream before, but it is one of the items on my bucket list to make 🙂

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