Someone had a birthday this weekend…

And it wasn’t me!

Yum, Boston Cream Pie!

This weekend we celebrated Jamie’s 29th birthday (only one more year until the big 3-0 :P). It was a pretty toasty weekend, but we managed the score a nice night to go see an Indian’s Game and they actually won for once, haha. It also happened to be Marine Week here in Cleveland so the Marine Corps band played before the firework show at the end of the game.

We also spent the weekend packing (big surprise) and we are almost ready to live in our new place. The big move is a week from today, so we will be pretty much sans furniture for a while, but hey, we don’t care! We also received these lovely flowers and a really sweet note from the previous owners wishing us the best and hoping that we take away as many memories as they did..they were in the home for 63 years!! They are the nicest people 🙂

In other news, Jamie and I are purchasing a fancy new stove, but we need to do some mild kitchen remodeling. So, all we are really left with is a toaster oven! Once we get all settled in, I’ll have to blog about my interesting cooking adventures in a tiny little oven 😛 I can’t wait to get back my routine of make and sharing fun food again! 

Have you ever had to cook without and oven before??


One thought on “Someone had a birthday this weekend…

  1. When I first bought my house I had most of my kitchen… but no sink for a while (washing dishes in the bathroom sink is not fun since there was not even a tub in the bathroom). Toaste Ovens are great for cooking for two & you can bake in them too! Just think about all the amazing goodies you will make in that new oven (I’m actually pretty jealous).

    That is also awesome that you got flowers from the previous owners – I bought my house from a woman who was widdowed (in her 80’s) but her/her husband had lived here since the 1950’s and were only the 2nd owners, you have a great house that has really been loved for years… a few weeks without a real kitchen will just be the start to the happy memories you will make!

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