2013, Here I Come!

I seriously can’t believe that it is almost 2013. Last year on New Year’s Eve Jamie and I said that we wanted 2012 to be our best year ever, and boy, I think we sure lived up to our statement.

First, Jamie and I bought a house! I love the feeling of homeownership. It is so much more rewarding to be putting our money towards paying the mortgage and eventually owning the house, than throwing our money away on rent. Even though we still have boxes to unpack, and the list of updates and upgrades we want to do is really endless, it’s truly wonderful to have a place to call home.

Second, Jamie and I both got new jobs! We both weren’t too happy with our old positions and decided to take a deep dive into the world of job hunting. Considering the state of the economy and the job market, we’re both so thrilled that we were able to upgrade our professional life. Jamie now works for a Microsoft consulting Company which means that he gets to work from home almost everyday. He hasn’t been to the office in over 5 months (boy, did I pick the wrong field). I call this Jamie’s command center. When it’s dark out, I feel like you need to wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glow of the computer screens!

Look at all of thsoe computers!

Look at all of those computers!

I moved to a new job about a month ago and now work for a local children’s hospital at their nonprofit Foundation running their prospect research program. I miss my old co workers terribly but I love my new job and making new friends is always fun.

Third, as you may know, Jamie and I are expanding our family…we’re getting a puppy! A co-worker of mine has 5 dogs (and 3 cats…yikes!) and one of them had 8 puppies, so we’re taking one. We are naming her Luna. She is a mutt, but the mom is part Shar Pei and the dad is part Rhodesian Ridgeback, so we expect her to be a fairly large dog when she grows up. We think we’ll be able to pick her up in about a week which is super exciting. It’s really nice having Jamie work from home because the puppy will have someone to hang out with all day. It will be interesting to see who the cats react to her, but I think they’ll be one big happy family eventually.

Here’s Louie helping Jamie work…

Lily on her Christmas Ale bed!

Lily on her Christmas Ale bed!